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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Telenor Talkshawk 30 second

The smartest package to call any network, anytime
Telenor introduces another exciting new prepaid package – Telenor talkshawk 30 second, with amazing call rates, freedom to recharge through Easyload and a lot more.
All existing Telenor prepaid customers can convert to Telenor Talkshawk 30 second for Rs.10 (inclusive of tax) 
With IVR Dialing 345661/345662: Rs.0.25 exclusive of tax
Or with SMS Sending "Migrate" to 345: Rs.2/SMS exclusive of tax.
(Click here to view migration procedure)
Balance validity is limited, based on recharge.
With effect of 17/03/2011, 19.5% FED applies on usage
11.5% withholding tax at recharge 
Per 30 second charge
Telenor talkshawk 30 Second Friends & Family (F&F) Offer:
5 minutes FREE after EVERY 5 minutes during call on all Telenor FnF numbers. (This is Limited time Offer)
Telenor to International numbers (USA (L/M), Canada (L/M) and UK (L), China (L/M), Singapore (L/M), Spain (L), Hong Kong (M) only) Friends & Family rate is Rs 0.75 per 30 second.
Telenor to Telenor Friends & Family rate is Rs. 0.45 per 30 second.
Telenor to all other networks Friends & Family rate is Rs. 0.75 per 30 second.
International Call FnF Rates
Tariff (per 30 sec)
To another Telenor number.Rs. 0.75
To any other mobile number .Rs. 0.75
To another PTCL number.Rs. 0.75
Friends & Family Telenor-TelenorRs. 0.45
Friends & Family Telenor-Any other NetworkRs. 0.75
International Call FnF RatesRs. 0.75
Inclusive of Interconnect and long distance charges.
All outgoing calls/airtime usage is subject to 19.5% CED only.
Free Services
All Incoming Calls.
Caller Line Identification (CLI).
Call Waiting.
Conference Calling (subscription).
Roaming (anywhere in Pakistan).
OutgoingRs. 1.00
Outgoing InternationalRs. 5.00
MMS, Internet & WAP
MMS-SendingRs. 5.00
Internet/WAP Usage
(Upload/Download per MB)
Rs. 15.00
Internet Bundle
Subscription MethodDial (*345*901#) to subscribe to Daily Mobile Internet Package
PricePKR 10 + tax
Volume Limit3 MB
Validity1 day
Charging Pulse1 kB
Bundle Balance Inquiry    through USSDDial *999# Charges: PKR 0.1+Tax
Missed Call Alerts
SubscriptionRs. 30 + tax
Handset Settings:To download Internet settings Send “ALL” to 131

Terms & conditions Friends & Family:
International FnF number needs to be preceded by 00 and the country prefix. E.g. to enter a UK FnF you need to add 00 followed by 44 (UK country prefix) followed by the number.
Subscriber can administrate these numbers by calling 555 or sending
SMS to 345.

To administer FnF through SMS, use the following: i) To add an FnF send “Add <slot no> <number>” to 345
ii) To delete FnF send “Del <slot no>” to 345
iii) To edit FnF send “Edit <slot no> <number>” to 345
iv) To view FnF send “FnF” to 345

Where <slot number> is the position at which you want to place the FnF number at (will be from 1 to 3) and <number> is the mobile/PTCL number that you want as your FnF
Friends & Family administration charges through SMS are Rs.2 per SMS
3 Telenor Friends & Family numbers are available, subscribers have the option of either having all Friends & Family numbers as Telenor to Telenor or other networks. They can even have 2 numbers as Telenor to Telenor and 1 number as other networks and vice versa.
Friends & Family rates apply 6am-6pm for onnet and 24 hrs for other networks.
Friends & Family functionality on all talkShawk subscribers has already been activated (there are no activation charges for this service).
Standard CED and taxes apply.
Content Services
SMS Content101 short code Rs. 0.25 + content charges
MMS-WAP contentContent charges + GPRS session charge
Content Download Charges (Basic Downloads)
Polyphonic RingtonesRs. 5.00
Mono ContentRs. 2.00
Java gamesRs. 25.00
Background/Logo/WallpapersRs. 5.00
ScreensaversRs. 5.00
click here for International Call Rates
How to Use:
Write “migrate” and send SMS to 345
The following menu will be received
Dear customer, please select the Price plan. Reply with your choice as 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5
1talkshawk 63
talkshawk 30 Sec
Djuice Din Raat
Talkshawk 24 Hrs
Reply with 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5
Price Plan will be changed shortly (and subscriber will receive a confirmation SMS in case of successful Migration)